what We believe

We are Christians. 

Jesus Christ is not only the focus of our church, but of our lives.

Our faith in Jesus is a response to his love for us. God proves his loves for us in Jesus Christ. Jesus died in the place of sinners to guarantee our forgiveness. Christ's rising from the dead assures us that God has power over death and will give us eternal life. This truth, the message of the Bible, gives us faith in God as well as motivation and guidance for loving each other.

We are not alone in our beliefs. We are united in the teachings we believe with Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS), a group of churches throughout the united states with missions world-wide. for more information on what we believe and do together, visit the WELS website.

who we are pastor/teacher team

Pastor Isaac Cherney and his wife Andrea have been serving Redeemer since the summer of 2016. Andrea has worked in a variety of learning spaces since graduating from Martin Luther College in 2011. Isaac was called to Redeemer at his graduation from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (Milwaukee, WI) in May 2016.

The fast-paced world of preschool education is a great fit for Andrea. Bible-based teaching meets hands-on learning, creating a great place for kids to make friends and grow together.

Isaac has enjoyed learning the Yakima community through home visits with members and local events. Together, Andrea and Isaac have been able to explore much that Yakima has to offer!